Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Domine ad adjuvandum

Well whatever.

I am about to endeavour on something which I am not really inclined to tell anyone what it is. If it is successful then I have no doubt you will get to hear about it (and in some cases be truly apalled and afraid no doubt), but if I do not succeed (and I do not expect I will) then it will be like most of my endeavours merely "mingiare ad ventum" as the saying is in Eeyore land.

Mind you even to make the first step I have been procrastinating these days past as I have had other administrative nonsense equally mingiatoral ad venti windmills notwithstanding (which they tend to do)

I figure that I need to be intensively wrapping up and writing my research in case the curtains fall prematurely, in order to give myself at least a fighting chance.

My mum had a wierd expression in times of financial hardship suggesting that one had to pull ones horn's in. I have no idea where that expression comes from but it means apparently the same as tightening ones belt.

That is to say unless I can get people to actually pay me to do half of the stuff I have been doing over these past few years on the academic roller coaster ride.

I have a word for all of those researchers who ride on our backs to keep themselves in a living and it is not a polite one. You use us up and spit us out, but where are you when our backs are against the wall?

Oh well only time will tell.
Time will tell what is to come
Only if we dwell on what will be told.
What will occur as we grow old
Weary of waiting, anticipating another age
When all will be well, well only time will tell

Saturday, August 14, 2010

To scan or not to scan, that is the question

New brain scan to diagnose autism

By Jane Hughes Health correspondent, BBC News

This is the story that broke whilst I was off away being Autistic (with a capital A) in the temporary UK capital of Autism at Autscape this year, enjoying an autistic paradigm (no that is not a malapropism)

Whilst others have beat me to the blog my response will be measured and will have to wait until I am back from my continuing vacation.

One thing I hope is that it will be presented at the Cambridge conference where I am due to put my own groundbreaking (in terms of the acceptance of a paper critical of science) poster up to challenge the usual suspects' concepts of ethics.

I have already contacted Declan Murphy with so many questions to ask. Until they have been answered you will have to wait for my opinion.

In the meantime you will have to seek out those posts I have made on Left Brain/Right Brain and the New Republic to get the gist of where I am going with this.