Wednesday, January 16, 2013

From Facebook an epic whinge, all too common these days.

I have just awoken this blog out of obscurity to post my current disgruntlement with the lack of ability of our national health service to communicate with me, what I desire to know.

Here it is a transcript of comments from Facebook. Needless to say nobody has phoned back yet!

Feeling somewhat depressed this morning, it's a contradictory mood, I am thinking positively about my thesis, writing stuff in my head, but depressed and despairing about my general long term health. I feel that never mind the economy there are still a vast range of health services for people in my situation I am missing out on, because my GP surgery has effectively written me off. It's a communication thing really, I don't know where to start to remedy this and get a bit of person centred planning into my life. Pain and fatigue just whacks you day after day. It's just not properly recognised or catered for.
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  • Laurence Benjamin Arnold So here we go, it's not as if I don't try and do something about my situation, but it is often pointless. GP is the wrong place to start you need to be forearmed with information and know how to give them a shove. So I just tried PAL's and I have to say absolutely useless, failed to really grasp just what the problem is or diagnose a realistic way out of it.
  • Laurence Benjamin Arnold And of course the NAS helpline is on answerphone.
  • Laurence Benjamin Arnold Really what is the point
  • Laurence Benjamin Arnold So now I ring the number PALS passed the buck onto, and they say they don't like the tone of my voice!!!!! I started out mildly desperate, I am now increasingly desperate. Sometimes it does not pay to even try and find anything out, you get disappointment after disappointment and rejection.
  • Laurence Benjamin Arnold So this bloody autism act, where is the local number an autistic person can call to get there health problems sorted? it doesn't exist does it!!
  • Laurence Benjamin Arnold How many different numbers have I tried to ring now? None of the autism charities are available, got two rather unsatisfactory answers from different parts of the NHS, including one number that was wrong so I don't know what it is now, and finally put through to another dead end answerphone. This is the NHS in the 21st century, can't say it was a lot better in the 20th either, but it ought to be. All I want is the information to start with, and to know what to do with it!!! That can't be that hard can it, and before anyone can say websites, have you ever seen a decent and clear "official" website out there that doesn't provide further obfuscation and misleading information, never mind leaving off the vital point of contact that you can rely on to be there.