Friday, April 27, 2007

No Minister. Or the Parliamentary Shenanigans

On Wednesday I went to the Houses of Parliament to witness an All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism meeting

I must have meant business since I had my combat jacket on and my flute with me.

The purpose of this meeting was:

This meeting is with Minister of State for Health, Rosie Winterton MP, to discuss autism and the mental health system. HL’s carers from the Bournewood case will also be speaking.

The group will discuss the Mental Health Bill and how it will affect people with autism – in particular the definition of mental disorder and the Bournewood provisions – and the importance of adequate mental health services for people with autism.

Well it might have started out as a tight, tidy, Marquess of Queensberry, Monty Python Parliamentary-polite meeting, but I saw to it that "them's not my rules". Well maybe to avoid the opprobrium of the "men in tights" I removed my hat to walk through the corridors but once I got there, I sat down square in front of the proceedings and set it back on my head for the duration and made sure that I was heard. I made it plain that a stroke of legislation cannot define a category of people as "mentally ill" and that it was a civil rights issue. I made it clear to the minister when she was speaking nonsense, forcing her to respond to that.

Worryingly there was a representative from Autism Squeeks there. Now Autism Squeeks may be on the same side when it comes to not defining ASD as a mental illness and therefore subject to all the intended provisions of possible compulsory detention and treatment, but I made it plain as soon as she said who she was representing, that Autism Speaks does NOT speak for us.

I think the minister got the idea that there was dissension on this issue. Above all, I said to the minister. "Above all, if you go away from here remembering only one thing, remember the word Neurodiversity and look it up"

It is probably the case that I will be around campaigning well after she is out of office, these people don't last long, and it was clear to me that she knew very little about autism.

My main point was about stigma, by categorising us all by legal fiat, I said that she could well be categorising parliamentary colleagues like Gordon Brown, (who has been accused cynically of behaving autistically)

Among the other things I said (you can't keep a good heckler down) was that when it comes to bad behaviour MP's need some constraint never mind those who this law would further deprive of human rights.

You can do these things by the book, and engage in polite question and answer, or you can assume that you will not be given opportunity to make a point so make it the best way you can.

I did it my way.

I think we have lost this bill, in the short term, but because this is something that goes way beyond autistic rights, the Government will have lost this argument in the long term, particularly with the impact of United Nations charters and European Human rights.

And if the dangerous dogs act, a similar piece of Knee jerk legislation never had the effect of making anyone any safer from people keeping dangerous dogs, this particular dog has not lost his bark yet.

And as I left the building I said to the geezer on guard with his machine gun to mind where he was pointing that thing :)

Blogging Against Disablism Day

Blogging Against Disablism Day, May 1st 2007

Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday but for who?

I have to say when I read Seth's blog last night I thought it was too late and Seth had gone no matter what.

I am glad he is still with us but it points out the fragility of it all. I have been feeling good over the past two days, never mind my worries about the possibility of motor neurone disease which will stay with me until I get my neuro appointment.

Well my position is that never mind how I feel, if my being here has made someone else happy, well then there has been a point to it.

Well background anxieties apart, life is improving for me. I am two thirds toward getting a PGCert and I did get my assignment in on time with all of it's seventy plus references assidously provided in Harvard format, (that has to be an academic record)

I feel more capable of addressing the future and the NAS has sold out of "whichever way" DVD's and re-ordered. (never mind having sold out in any other sense, cos I am still on their tail)

So the snail is on the thorn, God's in his heaven and Robert Browning had better be careful not to confuse a nuns habit with her anatomy :)

Therefore it is with great sadness that I learn that it is not the same way for Seth. I remember Seth from before I was even diagnosed and well before I met him, because I read about his troubles then on I have to say I have had my disagreements with Seth and he with me resulting in strong words being exchanged. All in all though I would rather he felt as I do in some of sort of resigned contentment with the world for all it does to you.

It might be me again next week who knows, but I want to celebrate the moment for me.

Above all I want to celebrate that this good Friday was bought for me by the suffering of our LORD on the cross. Whether you have any kind of faith or not, always consider when you are well that your good fortune may well be bought at someone else's cost.