Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bloggers build walls and hide behind moats

I have been trying to comment on fellow Autism Hub Blogger Estee Klar Wolfond's  blog against her unfounded insult to William Morris. The security settings defeat this poor dyslexic fool.

But this is what I wanted to say, and you had  better listen, you smug and self satisfied mockers of the true genius of neurodiversity, yes none other than Morris himself, who could combine a ministry to the "swinish rich" with his standing alongside the workers on Bloody Sunday

This is what your blog settings would not allow me to post

"I do remind you again not to be so ignorant about William Morris, he was no stranger to neurodiversity. He had an epileptic daughter, and was possibly TLE or Tourettes himself. I dare say his parents had a lot to put up with, given young William's meltdowns, his adult ones are legend.

I do feel so offended that you are trivializing William Morris' life and struggles of which you apparently know little."

Little you know indeed!!