Thursday, June 01, 2006

Whatever Happened to Real Ale?

Back in the seventies I remember when the Campaign for real Ale started. Nowadays it seems in fashion again, but how real is it? We need real pubs to go with it and however many pubs sell "old todger's" or whatever retro confection the advertisers have come up with served from olde worlde beer pumps the real industry has been decimated.

I was travelling back on the train from that disaster of a supposed aspies consultation Aspect (which I do not even deign to link to), which I considered to be thoroughly stage managed, and I saw the old Springfield Brewery in Wolverhampton devastated by a recent fire.

I resolved to go and photograph what remained before it was lost, in the company of a couple of neurodiverse friends who were with me on my media course

Here is the result

One of those friends if you want to look him up, maintains the wikipedia pages for Rugby and Coventry

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r.b. said...

Great pictures. Great subject...