Sunday, August 06, 2006



Named by Quaker William Penn as the "City of Brotherly Love" from the Greek. That was the cryptic reference in my last post :)

Well Autscape is over and I am settling into the next phase of my life.

Autscape was fine, my Landie did not let me down, and I was comfortable being able to sleep in the back.

The presentations were mixed, I liked some, not so sure about others. Wendy Lawson got of lightly this time, (apart from suffering me over dinner) so did Jim Sinclair.

This one was interesting, and the guy deserves more publicity even if it is hosted on “Autism Never There’s” website.

On arriving home I have to deal with the operation coming up very shortly now, and worse than that even, the first study weekend at Birmingham Uni.

Why oh why do they have to have Ros Blackburn to do the self narrating zoo turn?

I would rather someone who is politically aware and linked with the wider online autistic community, not someone who annoys me with unsustainable bias.

I would rather see Kieth McKenzie do his autscape presentation although he has more to learn about our wider community yet, which things I am sure he took note of after Autscape.

I shall have to make sure that the other students are aware that there are many shades of autistic opinion and make sure they know about the autism hub even if I get chucked out doing so.

That course has a lot to learn and I shall make sure that my metaphorical sword never sleeps in my hand till they look at what they don’t want to look at rather than stay with what is safe.

Is it any wonder I am very tense about the whole thing?

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Natalia said...

this is off-topic but what is your DVD and can you put clips on Google video, YouTube, etc, to get wider exposure? That is what AFF are trying with AutTV.