Thursday, November 09, 2006

Winter Blues

Maybe it is the season or maybe I am feeling my age. I have not been free of a sore throat or cold of some sort for weeks on end and my back hurts to the extent that walking is difficult.

I fear I don’t have the stamina to get through this coming winter and do anything positive, its an endurance to get up and go out these days.

Apart from that I am in relative despair at the way autistic culture seems to be going, I don’t feel much in common with the ever growing number of freshly diagnosed aspies out there, or even some who have been around a while for that matter, whose form of self identity seems to encapsulate just about every false idea on autism going around. And if it is not the received culture of deficiency it is the notion of hyperperfection with the usual litany of retro diagnosed genius heroes to beef up ones ego.

I can see why the autistic world seems to be polarising and whichever way you lean we are actually the worse for it in my opinion (not that my opinion counts for much nowadays)

Quite honestly there is some writing from the spectrum I just would not wish to associate with and sorry to say some of it on the autism hub too.

I suppose when summer comes (If I have not died from pneumonia in the meantime) I shall get a new hard drive and get back to my film making, though what is the point of that as it’ll only end up on you tube I guess since my late attempt at a more commercial venture seems not to be of interest to anyone out there. People want something for nothing, and they certainly don’t want to pay to be told they have the wrong idea about autism. Oh well perhaps the cages of the self narrating zoo exhibits are warmer than my idiocentric flat.


ballastexistenz said...

Disillusionment with a lot of Hub blogs seems to be a trend, if me and several of my online acquaintances are any example. I'm ranging from disinterested to disturbed on a lot of them, and I've heard the same from a lot of people.

But then even when a community like this one accepts me in some way (or whatever parts of me they feel like dealing with), I never feel totally connected and a member of it the way a lot of people seem to. It never feels like "home", it feels like work, and not always pleasant work.

ballastexistenz said...

Oh, and by the way, this is a tangent but I've been meaning to buy your video the next time I have $45 to spare.

mike stanton said...

The Hub has grown so much that I have to set time aside to read and then miss lots of good ones. I suppose I must miss the bad ones as well. So my curiosity is roused and this weekend I will devote serious time to catching up.
Meanwhile, the fact that there is diversity and disagreement on the Hub is surely a good thing in practise. The curebies try to present an image of the "neurodiverse" as a united conspiracy against parents. In this they are wrong. No doubt they will, equally wronfully, sieze upon any disagreements as evidence of a house divided. But healthy differences, honestly debated, are a source of strength. Or have I missed something more serious?

Zilari said...

The thing that's been distressing me lately about a lot of the comment-conversations has been a sort of "troll overload", in which conversations are being constantly derailed by people making the same old ridiculous statements over and over again. It's fatiguing to read and kind of disheartening.

I hope nothing I've written has been disturbing, but if it has, I would definitely like to know it. Part of the problem is that I've got this ethical position in my head that seems coherent when I think it, but I haven't managed to figure out a way to explain it fully yet, to the audiences that I am trying to reach (which aren't just people specifically in "neurodiversity", but people involved in overall human-rights stuff).

And sometimes I feel like I'm being cowardly or hypocritical in some ways, but it's difficult to tell if that's really the case or if I'm just having language issues, or if I'm just anticipating different reactions from different people (and in some cases knowing what the negative reactions are likely to be, but not knowing how I'm going to counter them). Like, I can't even wrap my mind around how anyone could think it's OK to inject hormones into small children so they don't grow, but trying to explain WHY it's wrong in terms that make sense to me (like...violation of bodily autonomy, for one) seems to be falling flat. Ah well. Sorry for rambling here.

laurentius rex said...

We are destroying the concept of neurodiversity, no one owns it and in the big wide world nobody gives the proverbial tuppeny s*** about the curebie trolls they are an insignificance even beyond our own insignificance.

You can't own a word, and the problem is that there is a sort of fascism over identity emerging and I don't like it.

If Gordon Brown were to log on tomorrow and state he were neurodiverse I am not going to argue, he is, having only one eye does affect the way your brain is wired and your perception, that is science believe it or not.

Scruffythecat said...

Hmm,,, we must have the same disease :-) (joke)
Anyway,,, Do what makes you happy Larry, the physical stuff will pass when the weather is better or buy a ticket to palm springs and bake in the sun for a while... better yet get booked for a free aspie bake in africa or something where you can chase lions and pgymies...

I don't know much about the autism hub,,,, I don't think argueing with trolls makes good reading but I guess people need an outlet at times for thier frustration,,,,, it disheartens me also in the way that the main stream autism thought processes are leaning to as in this biomed stuff, not like the old days where rimland was getting his ass kicked around.... um,,, is that ok to say here? :-)

Always, V.

laurentius rex said...

Well if I lifted a foot to kick Rimland's ass these days I would fall flat on my own, but then that is taking it literally, I need to take it with a pinch of salt instead :)

Scruffythecat said...

Salt? Did you say Salt?
You should try a Margarita for me,, You put the salt on the Rim of the glass,,, I'd try it myself but I don't drink anymore so I need a surrogate :-)

V thinking of tequila sunrise now

laurentius rex said...

Is Bernie a Mexican now? he may not dance on his hat but he certainly talks out of it

Anne said...

Scruffy, Larry should buy a ticket to where you are, and join you for a virgin margarita and some hot salsa with extra cilantro! :-)

Kevin_1000 said...


"The curebies try to present an image of the "neurodiverse" as a united conspiracy against parents. In this they are wrong. No doubt they will, equally wrongfully, sieze upon any disagreements as evidence of a house divided."

Don't judge others by your own standards.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

K_1000: "Don't judge others by your own standards."

He's judging you by your own pathetic standards.

Anonymous said...

Hope you're OK, and getting over your "Winter Blues".
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Yes in both "camps" the "curebies" and the "neuroDiverse" there seems to be a lot of conflict and difference of opinion. Everyone seems to be lead the fight on a different front.
I find myself taking issue with particular individuals and points of view on both sides and yet defending others on either side. It is crazy. I guess at the end of the day not everyone is going to like my points of view an you know that also is ok with me.
I say that extremism is the problem as is the lack of tolerance and the act of lumping an individual in a particular group and then blasting that group.
The way I look at it 99% of the population is not on the spectrum. The percentage of the population involved in autism is tiny. Yet there is such intolerance, insults, extremists views. If you are a parent of an autistic child and want to do your best to make their life better I will commend your efforts irrespective of the treatments you seek. If you are an autistic person who seeks to better your life and that of other autistics you have my support. If you are extremist and intolerant - such as anti-NT component of NeuroDiversity or Eugenic abortion for autistic fetuses component of the Autisism Speaks crowd.
I too am concerned about the proliferation of diagnosis and am worried that many people who are not on the spectrum are getting misdiagnosed or self-diagnosed and then throwing their two cents into the debates which is not NECESSARILY a bad thing, but still.
Anyhow tolerance, patience, understanding, education and a logical, rational, reasonable communicative discourse open to all stakeholders and interested parties I believe is key as is a reasonably open mind. That's my views anyhow.

Hope you are feeling better in yourself soon mate. Depression is a bloody horrible and hard to shake. Happy to talk about it with you if you want.