Monday, January 08, 2007

Gone. and I didn't hear it fall.

I looked out my window and a tree was gone. It is the one to the left of this picture.

I blame it on Global warming, for we get more storms now, so it is more likely that a tree will be declared unsafe, given the greater probability of it being blown down in high winds. But it cost more in energy to cut it down than it will repay as it was an old urban tree, not commercial timber, and I am an invader in it's territory that was originally farmland, where only sheep would have to worry.

I do not like change and it has upset me, added to my upsets as gradually everything around me changes eroding my stability. The blocks of flats in the picture have already gone, and in a couple of years mine will follow, not that I am altogether happy living here, it is cold and my flat is old, but at least it is peaceful and I enjoyed the view.

You can see why they cut it down in the picture below (on the left), as there was a hollow section at the bottom of the trunk, however in its natural habitat that would have been no threat. Next time you zoom off round the world in an aeroplane, consider there is one less tree to mitigate it's impact, you did not hear it fall, nor see it go, but it was there and now it is not.


Bonnie Ventura said...

It bothers me when trees get cut down near my house, too. I live in a subdivision where houses are still being built, so I know the developer is going to have to cut down trees from time to time, but I still don't like seeing them disappear.

Anonymous said...

bikers and walkers, unite! I also feel that the US needs to seriously reevaluate the use of trains as opposed to aircraft for intracontinental travel.