Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A reply to lies and calumny

It should not have come to this that I have to start a war of blogs because I am not allowed to reply to an untruth on a particular blog.

However the record is this, with respect to the journalist that Kevin Leitch alleges I did not contact, I have specific proof which I can furnish to anyone who contacts me privately that not only did I contact Emine Saner of the observer (if this is who Kevin means) and spoke to her on the phone, but that I have a transcript of what I said which she returned to me.

So now let the public judge, whether Kevin Leitch is acting the dictator in all this. He is not interested in any olive branch because he has made an open statement in an arena he controls against me and has not allowed me nor any body else who mentions my name right of reply. It seems that the parallels with Animal farm are all too real.

Where are your fine principals now Kevin ? I have hurt your ego, and you react like a spoilt child.

Do people now see why we must set our own agenda and reject those who purport to be our allies but are full of contempt.

And might I add that Kevin has gone back and deleted my replies to his various assertions on his previous blogs, that is total control freakery and suppression of anything he wishes to cover up.

Do as you would be done by Kevin, you have lost the argument for sure and I don't think too many people are convinced by this any longer, that I have suddenly become more of an enemy to you than John Best Jnr !?, there is something very very wrong if you regard me in that light.


Vicky said...

For the record.
I do recall you telling me that you were contacted by a reporter and that you thought something might be published.


Fore Sam said...

Larry, You're free to comment on my blog where a bunch of other people are enjoying watching Kev self-destruct. I'm sure he's reading it.

Anonymous said...

Kev's making an ass of himself. He needs to grow up.

laurentius rex said...

Having just come out of one bear pit I am not prepared to jump into another.

No Fore Sam you would not like what I have to say any more than Kev.

Anonymous said...

Larry. I am emailing you and I implore you not to dismiss what I have to say to you.
For the record, I believe you have been seriously wronged.

Alyric said...

I, for one, am still waiting for that list of blogs and posts from the Hub that supported that laundry list of accusations you made. Am I being an unreasonable being for asking? Too perseverative perhaps?

Criticism implies that there are genuine reasons for the critique. If not, where's your credibility?

laurentius rex said...

Have you ever seen Arthur Millers the Crucible or seen footage of the McCarthy hearings ?

I could not post anything now on Kevs blog as he has banned me, or haven't you noticed?

He will only allow through what he wants to be seen.

I think the fact that some hubbers are still largely obsessed with a pantomime argument trading insults says it all.

Who are the guilty ones, are you worried that you are among them, well I am sorry to say that your recent post here have shown that you are.

You are not some kind of avenging angel, judge and jury who can subpoena witnesses, you are just a blogger like me, perhaps you have an off line life that needs attention too? We all do and neglect that at our peril. Mine is certainly rather busy at the moment.

I am trying to complete as much work as possible before I go in for my operation coming up soon as I shall have one arm that is out of action for a few weeks when I come out.

I have lost credibility on the hub, so what is to regain? I have moved on. Tommorows battles are more imporant than yesterdays.

Alyric said...

In other words, you felt safe making all those accusations and are surprised that there are consequences because there wasn't any evidence to back them up.

The point is that when people use those tactics, it doesn't take all that long before there's a general tendency to discount what they say. Why should they be taken seriously, when they're so unreliable?

Me, I'm a blogger just like you, which gives me no authority whatsoever beyond the powers of reason.

laurentius rex said...

But I wasn't safe was I.

My personality and motivation was attacked not what I said, in typical witchhunt style.

You are merely demonstrating the pointlessness of continuing that arguement you have nothing new to say.

I suggest you read the general tenor of the blogs for yourself and consider whether they are really advocating the position of adult autistics at all. This argument is now closed because I have no wish to continue with it at this time.

I have given you enough space and enough is enough.

I was in hostile territory, I should have realised that at the outset, that my style, my way of being does not fit with the hub. I was a fish out of water. A bull in a China shop. Mr Bean at Cannes, Borat at the United Nations or whatever.

The hubbers who stay do so under Kevins capricious dictatorship, look to your own head.

I myself shall move on and I do not intend to discuss the hub at all in future except to answer to any future slander. I hope for his own sake Kevin has moved on too so that will not be necessary

I leave you all to your mercury fixation.