Thursday, December 20, 2007

Yes Virginia it does snow in Coventry

This photo was taken only about one quarter of an hour from where I live for despite the desolation of living on an ex Council Estate there is beauty to be found, and living on the edge of the City it is not far away.

To be fair this is not a recent photo but we did have brief snows only a fortnight ago.

So will I carry on my ritual visit to Lake Vyrnwy this year? Only God knows, but I am back on track.

Of course if the weather is particularly foul (we have been having freezing fog today) there is always the matter of common sense, and whether my Landie will start when I turn the key, is always, like a child unwrapping a Christmas present, all in the expectation but apt for disappointment.

I actually figure now I don't go to Wales for myself any longer, and last year I was not feeling well at all, but because it has to be done and it is all for you :)

To see the pictures when they are uploaded. Here you go.


Dave Seidel said...

Very nice, not so different from here in New Hampshire, though it's more hilly here.

Patrick said...

Wishing you luck when the ignition is turnt!

Casdok said...

Hope your Landie is good to you. Love all the photos - they are beautiful.

Asperger Gal said...

I really love the photos - so picturesque - I wish it could snow here in Vancouver, BC, CANADA. YOu are a very talented photographer.