Monday, March 10, 2008

End of an Era

I took my landie to have the chassis inspected today, and as I suspected, the cost of comprehensively repairing it in order to meet the annual vehicle test would be uneconomic for me and it would be cheaper for me to replace the landie altogether.

Well whether I can even afford to replace it at the moment, is a moot point too, I think the money would be better invested in my studies right now. So it seems I shall have to part with the landie, and hope I can find someone who will be able to make use of the parts.

Once I started back at Uni, I suppose this was inevitable, that the conflict of expenses would come and I need to be realistic.

I had to get rid of my previous car for similar reasons in order to pay the fees for the first autism course I took at Birmingham Uni.

So here is some footage, it's all nostalgia now - gone avec les neiges d'antan :(


Dave Seidel said...

The Landie is dead, long live the Landie!

laurentius rex said...

Well if someone were to bung me a huge wad tomorrow I could have a new chassis, then a new body on top of that and then a new engine but it wouldn't be the same would it?

I have a couple of months before it needs to go and who knows what might turn up in the meantime, another money pit perhaps.

I like vintage landies, but sensibly it might be time to consider something a bit more up to date when I come to replace it.

A lot will depend on whether I can get any funding for my research next year.

Evonne said...