Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time out for memes

Well tagged by AFBH I am not feeling in the least bit frivolous at the moment, so I will address this with all the seriousness and deep analysis that this behoves.

5 things found in your bag:

I shall extend the meaning of bag to include those items that are often carried in my pockets, as this is the way gentlemen continue to carry their impedimenta :)

First and foremost, my laptop; a laptop or similar has been part of my life since the mid 1980's. Currently this is averitable modern day "swiss army knife" for this indispensible serves me as research tool, memory adjunct (for all those senior moments), communication aid and last but not least security blanket.

Second, is my stainless steel mug, I may not always use it, but I prefer it to be there.

Thirdly, a dictaphone, useful for making quick notes when booting up the laptop is not a practical proposition.

Fourthly, a mobile phone, although for years I lived without one, I would feel very insecure without it these days.

Fifthly, having retired my veritable and non metaphorical swiss army knife, a leatherman juice, that essential fashion accessory for today's well dressed "geek"

5 favorite things in your room:

No doubt this is another invitation to burglary, but most of the stuff in my room is junk.

I have my cameras, my non functioning wall clocks, my photographs, my flutes and my books.

5 things you have always wanted to do:

I would like to design a landmark building
I should like to travel to the USA on the QM2.
I would like to have the income to afford a Land Rover
I would like to make a movie
I would like to write a book.

Two of those things are potentially within my purview, and the other two are dependent upon landing a good job when I have completed my research
The first just ain't gonna happen in this world.

5 things you are currently into:

It is no news to say that I am into Photography, Autism Research, Land Rovers, Blogging and Emailing

5 people you’d like to tag:

I will pass on this, I can't think of anyone who I would like to torment at the moment.


abfh said...

I have a non-functioning clock too. It is a grandfather clock that stopped working a few years ago and is now residing in the junk room in my basement. Although it never matched the house because the wood was the wrong color, I liked hearing it chime the hour -- that's such a cheerful sound.

I keep meaning to buy another grandfather clock but never seem to get around to it.

bullet said...

How the bloody hell do you fit all those things in your pockets?!

laurentius rex said...

Well the laptop does go in a bag on my back, the cup however has a carabiner handle and can attach to my belt, the rest fits ok in the pockets of my combat jacket along with sundry other stuff.

bullet said...

Aah, I understand now. Thank you :).

Estee Klar-Wolfond said...

Hmmm, we share many of the same interests. Except I have an obsession these days with typewriters and type. Of course, this is because of Adam!