Friday, January 16, 2009

Lightning strikes twice

I was just relaxing in my flat, having not long come home from Birmingham when there was a loud banging on my door. I went to my door and all I saw was someone scuttling off down the stairs, and then I realised, there was another fire in the block of flats, so I just grabbed my laptop, and a few documents from my top drawer, put my coat on and cleared off down the stairs before the smoke started, anxious not to be trapped on the top floor a second time.

Well fortunately the fire brigade came quick enough to ensure there was not the damage that happened in November, which incedentally has not been fully repaired yet, so I have not had to evacuate this time.

Unfortunately I left in such a hurry that I forgot to take my keys. I thought that a friend had a spare set but I spent a fruitless two way taxi ride to discover she had not :(

The Fire Brigade could have broken in for me but they would undoubtedly have done a lot of damage to the door, so I broke in myself using my trusty leatherman juice which fortunately I had in my pocket when I left. (anyone reading, this don't try it as normally the mortice lock is set as well as the latch.)

Hey I reckon I would make a nifty burglar.

Well I made a neat hole in my door so I could reach round and unlatch it, however I have now had to make a rather ugly repair, (and the door has been newly painted too) still it could have been worse.


Fleecy said...

With two fires in the same building so close in time together like that, has anyone wondered yet if something odd is going on? I mean, it sounds like either something is wrong in the building itself, or somebody is up to no good. That, or that is one very unlucky building.

laurentius rex said...

Well the first fire was considered as Arson, as for this latter one, it took place in the flat above the one that was gutted and it is too early to attribute any cause.

There is nothing inherently wrong with the building, as my brother a construction alumnus and one time builders merchant says, structurally the building is a good one to survive fire and prevent it's spread, albeit all that concrete does not do much for insulation and condensation within the block :(

It is an unlucky building, it was condemned some time ago, and is awaiting demolition. An example of the things we had to endure, it was decided that it should be rewired pending demolition which is now scheduled for around 2012 but the cabling was stolen before it was ever connected.

With the current recession and property crisis, the block is likely to stand longer than was intended because the mechanism to replace it involves the profit from the sale of private housing on the land cleared by previous demolitions which is not going to happen.

But with two out of 12 flats now gutted the writing is on the wall. I can't say I am going to sleep particularly securely tonight.

Aspie Bird said...

2 Fires so close in time together, does that makes you feel more nervous being home? I agree with sounds like something odd is going on..

Nice to read how you managed to get into your home again