Sunday, July 19, 2009

Down time

In another months time, I am going to disappear over the edge of the internet for a couple of weeks, where I will mercifully be out of contact from this mad mad world.

That is because I shall be camping, and either not have electricity to spare to charge a laptop or be out of even the reach of cell phones (what bliss)

Have to say I feel that I am coming to a certain juncture in my life, another of those forks in the road.

I have no certainty that I shall be elected again onto the NAS council, and if I am not, then it will be an opportunity for me to change my relationship with that organisation, maybe even to get something out of it for myself (I cannot be employed by them whilst I am a trustee)

I also expect to change my relationship with Autscape, which will be occupying my first week under canvas, in that once this year is over I shall revert to being an ordinary member as being something other than the peoples choice of chair has certainly taken it out of me, for diplomat I never claimed to be.

I shall also be glad to be away from the controversies of this hub, which I am also a somewhat reluctant member of.

It has turned nasty beyond all measure, there are predatory vultures out there and no more dare I say.

Anyone who thinks I have ever been anything but an iconoclast should look at my poetry, I don't run with any herd, in either direction and my opinions are definately my own.

If I wanted to play it straight I would be an autism consultant by now, brown nosing my way into the profession by whatever means I could, but fate or personality or whatever, I just don't have the capacity for that!

There is not even anything interesting or new on my Youtube channel at the moment either, just a bunch of old geezers bashing sticks together to the sound of a squeeze box and even that was months ago. (and it was an incredible 29 years ago since I was up for that lark myself)

Nah you read into it all what you like, I am not sure you really have the choice, but whatever, I need some down time, elsewise I am not long for this world.

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Crystal Jigsaw said...

As a very appreciative member of the NAS, I was interested to learn about your blog and equally as interested to visit. A good friend of mine attended the recent Autscape conference which she was incredibly proud to be a part of.

Best wishes,
Crystal Jigsaw