Friday, July 16, 2010

Abandoned Cars

I scanned Autismo this morning with a sense of despair. There they are the "usual suspects" going about their business as if there were no progress in the world. Blindly adhering by faith and obstinacy to their pet theories as if they made any difference to the world outside.

"ABA good, anything else bad" as if all one needed for life is one pair of trousers one never outgrew and that ever fitted one, suitable to be worn for weddings, funerals, a saturday night out and mucking out the stables.

"Poor Bugger me, the postman did not call today, nor I did not win the lottery because I have the autism pox" As if there were never any other external factors in ones misfortune and that by wallowing in it one could change it.

And so on and so on.

I think these bloggers are like abandoned cars on the highway in various states of destruction. Long ago ceased to be of use and therefore not going anywhere, just steadily reverted back into the landscape. Landmarks of despair not any hope of a destination.

Don't even bother to comment if you see yourself implicated there, I am not inflating your tyres so your wreck stands any prouder, get yourself a new motor and get back on the highway.

As for me, I have plenty to whine about, always have, I mean we all have now in terms of the coelition government cutting right left and centre, we are all victims there, forced to fight like dogs for the spoils.

If I can get it together for my University fees next year, everything else is on track, so as long as I can gas up my academic motor, it still stands a chance of making to the destination without being abandoned on the highway of despair.

Same goes for my real life motor, which is visiting Kwik Fit today. So long as I can afford the diesel it will be taking me to Wales next month. "In the mountains, there you feel free."


Clay said...

Have a good time on your trip, but you should get yourself a metal detector to maybe change your luck, like Dave Crisp.

That's a fantastic mountain there, what do they call it?

The author said...


Autismo said...

A link would be nice;)

We have some interesting new members:

The Residential Autism
Titan's World
In my voice
Conversational Hysteria
Autism is Bad.

Voices beyond the usual wreckage.

Justthisguy said...

Dang, Sir, I thought you'd given up on the Land Rover! I'm glad to hear that it still runs. At least your vehicle is old enough that you can figure out what is right and wrong with it, just using your head.

I have a '98 F-150, which ran just fine until recently, when it developed mental problems. Yes, the thing is run by a computer, which ain't working right.

The damn' truck has sensory issues, too, according to the gauges.

The author said...

Not any more I replaced it with a Mitsubishi Pajero, not old enough to be pre decimal, but mercifully old enough to be free of electronics, just a turbo diesel which gives me better fuel economy than the old landie.

Justthisguy said...

When you think about it, sometimes really old is best. I am thinking about Whitworth threads. They are round on their peaks and valleys, and thereby avoid excessive stress concentrations. I have a Raleigh bicycle which has some Whitworth-threaded nuts and bolts on it. All of the rest of the fasteners on it are French (AKA metric) It is annoying to remember which is which.

The author said...

Whitworth, one of those names to conjure with like Alfred Herbert and James Starley.

I love all my old mechanical cameras to bits, marvels of precision engineering and design, like old watches but the world has gone digital now and this old codger has followed suit, else I would not be here in the cyberworld blogging would I?

ther1 said...

I don't want my autism to stop me either. I believe people who regularly interact with me, like my college teachers, should know about it, but I also tell them it's not an excuse for bratty behavior.

It's that I'm trying-and may not know how-to act the way they need me to, not that I'm exempt from manners altogether.