Tuesday, October 30, 2012

This is my last Blog

This is my last Blog.

The system no longer works, it is practically impossible to comment on blogs due to Capcha's because they don't work, I know I typed a response correctly but it still wouldn't let me in. The technology is unreliable, totally broken, and other than that people are migrating from the blog world in droves.

No I am going back to the original concept of my web site. I shall over time be reforming that and all I shall post hereafter are links to it.

This blog will remain as historical material  until Google finally pulls the plugs (which I expect they will eventually)

Autism Hub, Autismo, you too are history, avec les neiges d'antan and newsnet in it's time.


Socrates said...

I'll say - Autismo is down to about 12 visitors a day.

I too have graduated back to a non-synonymous website.

I hope/desire/enjoin/demand that you maintain a viable cyber-presence - the mainstream media is broke, Facebook gossip is no substitute.

The author said...

Looks like the Autism Hub is well and truly dead too, nothing but an error message these latter days.