Thursday, July 13, 2006

And notwithstanding whatever I was going to write

And notwithstanding whatever I was going to write, this blog is somewhat delayed in appearance as I have only just got back on Broadband after a thunderstorm fried my modem and ADSL connection.

So what was I going to post. that is already old news?

I have been re-elected onto the board of the NAS. I was seriously wondering whether my time was up for that, but I suppose I have the satisfaction of that to moderate this post modern anxiety I feel over having my internet connection cut off.

What does it mean? To me and to others?

Being careful about what I say, to be fair to others, I did not get elected on the board in the first place, the first time I stood. Then I suppose that is natural enough. To be elected in the first place to the board was a relatively minor victory I think, compared to being re-elected. The first time round it established something new, it broke a “glass ceiling” showing that an autistic person could be elected to the board, but I think this second time round, it maybe shows more than that, that an autistic person can be trusted on past performance to carry out the duties and responsibilities that being elected involves. It was not so easy this time, there was more competition. Sadly not from people on the spectrum but there you go, it just shows how much work still lies ahead of me.

I have to admit to attempts at tact and respectability. I might have gone down to my last board meeting in an open necked shirt and shorts, but by the time of the Council meeting I was wearing a suit and tie. Nonetheless any attempt to self muzzle and not have a go at the old enemies, the curebies and the scientists for fear it might jeopardize my chances was doomed to failure,

Well I am pleased with the result, I congratulate the other trustees who either got re-elected or will be joining the board for the first time, I will not have any difficulties working with them or the other way round.

When I first set out to be elected as a trustee I have to admit I did not know what I was letting myself in for and I did not (anymore than I think several other of the new candidates today) knew what we would be letting ourselves in for. You can’t change the world as easily as that because you have to understand the economics and dynamics of an organisation, in the same way that you have to know the MPG of your car when you set out on a journey. You might get in your car at London and want to drive to Scotland, believe that you can, but without realising that petrol has to be paid for and that your tank only holds so much between fill ups, and if you don’t you certainly will not get there.


Alyric said...

Good one Larry

Forget about not tackling the curebies et al. The dumb we wull always have with us.

What the heck is a 'cure' anyway????? No such animal AFAIK.

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