Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Being in Control

On reflection I think I can handle a lot of things going on in my life at once so long as I have some idea that I am in control.

Towards the beginning of the year I was very stressed out awaiting the results of my applications to Uni, and more recently with exams coming up, and fitting everything around NAS meetings, getting my DVD completed, presenting a paper in Liverpool and the perennial problems with the Landie.

Well the exams are done with, and Uni is settled and I have been quite able to rush around getting forms filled in, assessments done for Disabled Students Allowance and that sort of thing. I am also resigned to the change in my life that is coming about with leaving the college that has pretty much been the centre of life for so many years.

Even the Landie I am content with at the moment because the work that needs doing has been arranged and some of it is covered by warranty.

No what has put me out now has been a letter I received this morning tell me that on a particular date I am to present at an out of town hospital for day surgery at 7.30 in the morning, with the proviso that if I don’t turn up or let them know if I can’t make it in one day I will lose my place on the waiting list.

Now I have known about the operation coming up for some time, but had no idea that it might not be done in Coventry, and what is more I had been told that the first I would hear would be a call for pre op tests to be done, and this has not happened.

Furthermore the operation was scheduled without regard as to how I could travel to another town for that time in the morning when there are no trains or buses that can get me there that early.

I had a lot of phoning to do this morning to sort that out, not helped by the fact that the wrong number to call had been given on the letter, and that another number I was given put me on call waiting and then told me they were so busy they could not take my call today. Eventually I got through to someone and cancelled.

Now I was not expecting this at this time at all because I have a Cardiologists appointment scheduled for this month and I assumed they would wait until I got the results of that consultation before operating, it makes sense to do that doesn’t it.

I have put in a complaint to the Hospital Trust, about the poor communication that has resulted in this out of the blue, and also about the fact that they are paying no regard to either my AS or my Social situation in any of this. My Social Worker, for once was in today, and he will be writing a letter too.

I need these ops, but I need more certainty to plan around them, this month would not have been a good time, as I want to be able to drive to Autscape and look after myself there and as my Landie is in going in for possibly extensive repairs, being unable to drive would mean I would be unable to get it back from the garage if the repairs were not done in time for the operation.

Hopefully now they will reschedule the op, at a hospital I can get to, and at a time which does not impinge too hard on my new Uni course starting in September, when I also have another conference booked where I am presenting another paper.

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Kristina Chew said...

That's a lot, all at once.

Always seems to ironic that the "medical establishment" is more bureaucratic than humane.