Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Laurentius Rex is unwell

Though not quite in the Geoffrey Barnard sense though he wished he were.

For he has not been alltogether well for some time, though a lot of that is down to stress.

However now, and since returning from the Birmingham Autism study weekend it seems he has brought back more than he bargained for and is labouring under the mother of all sore throats, convinced as he has never been convinced, since the last time he were so belaboured (and not at all conservative about it) that he is not long for this world. Not that he thought he were that long for it before and now is even less long, clocks going forward notwithstanding.

So there you have it, he is idling away and in a way at least, (or not so long) enforced into restation for restitutions sake. (forced to rest as lesser mortals and those who are not George Dubya would have it)

So that is why I have not blogged or blagged and so have sagged, the sagacity and sargassoty thereof hereunto subscribed.

In other words, practically everything will have to wait until I throw this off, then perhaps I can go back to being even less long for this world, the interval having passed away as surely as a ship of fools in the night and fog of dreary existence.


notmercury said...

Feel better Larry.

Alyric said...

Hot lemon juice Larry - and kiwi fruit is good too - more variety of vitamins.


your maiden aunt:)

Mum is Thinking said...

I don't think it will cure whatever is causing your sore throat, but gargling salt water (1/2 - 1 teaspoon salt added to a glass of very warm water) several times a day will soothe the pain a bit.

I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better soon, too. I hope you don't have a sore throat that needs an antibiotic. My grown son got really sick last year and almost ended up in the hospital from a sore throat he wasn't caring for, trying to work and ignore it. They treated him as an outpatient but he was really sick.

Jenny said...

Hi Larry

I hope you are feeling better. I've sent you an email, using the address given on your homepage. I'm a journalist and I'd really value the chance to talk to you about the autistic rights movement.

All the best


health watch center said...

Hello Laurentius/Larry

How is your soar throat?? Hope you are doing fine now...well I am a new reader of your blog and wanted to say hi to you....

Health Watch Center.
Self Hlep Zone