Sunday, January 20, 2008

The first part of my research is now live

I have now got permission from the ethics committee to launch a questionnaire on line.

I hope some of you may trouble yourselves to complete it, never mind it's faults, I am sure you will find many :(

I expect I will later on as well :( :(

I hope all the regulars here are convinced of the bona fides and you can keep up to date with the research on my research blog.

The survey itself is here,

and only I can gain access to the results or information so it is confidential.

If you are answering from outside the UK, the ethnicity data is UK centric, however you can fill in a section to say that you are not UK resident, and that would help me know where the replies are coming from.

Naturally it would be extremely difficult for non UK residents and people who are distant from Birmingham to participate in the next stage so my apologies there.


Casdok said...

Good to hear you got the go ahead.
Sounds interesting!

VAB said...

It would be helpful if there was an outline of who should or should not complete the survey on the first page.

Patrick said...


And Good Luck on your works.