Saturday, January 26, 2008

Social Service

Laurentius has friends believe it or not and they tend to get on at him for being a recluse and try to get him to come out sometimes.

Well I did so the other day but had to explain that because of my studies and my other involvements that I had at least five better things to do, two that had deadlines in the next week and one that was already overdue.

That's my life, you have seen one of my mindmaps, the one for tasks outstanding is even more frightening in the number of branches.

I don't know who I am sometimes.

For instance I am going to London again on 5th February for an NAS launch, but I have booked my day out.

I am spending the morning with the NAS publicity guy as I have a lot of outstanding issues to be discussed with him (you may recall my challenge from an earlier blog) So I will have my advocacy hat on. I then need to take advantage of being unlike Elvis and still in the building to use the library, and I need to interview one of the staff members, so I will have my researcher hat on.

When I go to the big bash at Houses of Parliament (hoping I do not hold up the queue to get through security as long as I did last time because of all the OCD gear in my bag) I shall ostensibly have my NAS trustee hat on, wherein I am supposed to be nice to everybody, but I will have another hat on too, because I need to use this schmoozing opportunity to tap any potential "celebs" to get there support for Autscape.

Not forgetting the two papers I am writing and my next neurologist's appointment, or the endless hassle of phoning people up who are tardy in replying to my requests to use there facilities for my research.

Well this time last year I was heading for a breakdown, no me, not my lLandie (as that allways breaks down)


Casdok said...

Wow you are busy, and so many hats! Good luck with it all.

Patrick said...

As usual, just dropping by to keep abreast of your many works in progress, and drop some encouragement.

Pardon my tasteless use of phrases which are not in my routine vocabulary but:
Jolly Good Show, Keep a stiff upper lip, and Keep on Trucking!