Friday, March 27, 2009

In the news again (Artistic Autistics)

I had a photo call today. Now I know exactly what these photographers are up to posing people to get the image they want, which is not altogether real (so at least I had a haircut in anticipation)

My friend Nikola has just completed the video "Artistic Autistics" and it seems that it is newsworthy, we have another photo call coming up Wednesday for another local paper.

It was a bit annoying that they wanted to create the impression in the picture that Nikola was filming me and her boyfriend, when actually in the video it was the other way about, and for a while they had me down as a student of Coventry University (oh the shame of it, it is Birmingham) That is journalism for you.

To be honest a lot of the camera work leaves a lot to be desired, and I am entitled to say that being as I filmed most of it :(

But the conception of the video itself, directed and scripted by Nikola, is something else. I'd put a bit of it up on youtube, but that it is not really up to me to do that, being as this is after all an academic project and Cov Uni might not like that, any more than if I were to put an essay of mine out here before it was marked.

There will be a public showing of it at Cov Uni in May, and I do hope after that, that we can distribute this more widely, especially after "Something about us" got such a good reception when I showed that at Birmingham Uni, after my lecture last week.

We might not have the technical facilities or the money behind us, that autism speaks and such have, but by goodness we are going to blow those stereotypes apart.

This is Autism with the R in it :)


abfh said...

I'd like to see it when it becomes available for distribution. :)

laurentius rex said...

Seems the news has reached California already

As for what I have been up to today, I expect I shall have some footage of that edited for youtube over the next couple of days.

Stephen said...

Can you let me know when this video becomes available. I would love to see it! I like your great attitude toward life.