Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The rule of the gun, what is happening?

I was going to comment about the Alabama killings and the recent real/continuation IRA shootings but something even worse has occurred in Germany a country one does not normally associate with such random shootouts.

Before this I was speculating as to what the difference (if any) there is between the murder of two soldiers and a policeman by Irish Terrorists, the crazed shooting spree of the US "Mall shooter" and the shootings at the Sri Lankan Cricket team in Lahore.

I thought is the difference in the motivation or what? One kind of shooting is clearly political (even if misguided by the usual standards of morality) and the other is usually a grudge shooting of some kind.

And then I thought, no there is no difference in the motivation, it is all grudge shooting, a hatred of someone, one has never met, who is either percieved to have done one wrong, or who belongs to a class who has done one wrong. It all stems from hatred and an overfamiliarity with firearms.

It is a wonder sometimes that the petty warfare in this blogosphere does not end up that way given the same motivations of hatred and prejudice I see in some postings.

I am not even immune to it myself, for instance what I personally think about the guy who claims he would rather have his children die of Cancer than live with Autism. God may forgive him but I find it hard to.

Hey WTF? that is the same fanatical thinking that equates in my mind to terrorism. You there fanatic author, would you rather your kids died in a Mall, or a school shootout too?

This is the real madness in this world.


Clay said...

I don't know. Social disintegration, maybe? I read somewhere long ago that when rats are crowded together, too many in a cage, they get really combative. Or maybe greater forces are at work?

Miss Gonzo Galore said...

I'm realistic, there will always be truly f...ed up people, and we can only protect (or at least try) to protect ourselves from them.

This shooting happened in the smalltown next to the one where my sister lives, and she told me on the phone, how well prepared they all were, or else there would've been a lot more killings.
They had a codeword announced through the loudspeakers, so they could quickly lock the classroom doors and escape through the fire exit.

(I'm not sure if I agree with you Clay, because this happened in a peaceful smalltown.)

That book is the worst piece of garbage ever. What a despicable cretin that author is.

laurentius rex said...

Yeah, further reading shows this is by no means the first of such incidents in Germany. What a sad commentary on the world that some sort of drill is now taught for that kind of eventuality.

I can only speculate to motive, in that it involves, whether one is politicised or not, a deep resentment of the current society, and it's pressures to succeed and a personal conviction that there are no innocent bystanders.

Autism Reality NB said...

Gee, you really had to work hard, and exercise your imagination, to try and tie the shooting atrocities to parents of autistic children.

You must be exhausted after such a tremendous strain. Take a vacation King Larry. You apparently need one.

laurentius rex said...

Harold I think you need a break too..

Its the old ...
"All cats are mortal,
Socrates is mortal,
therefore Socrates is a cat"...
argument you are trying isn't it.

You decide what my post is about before you read it properly and you hope that anyone reading your reply will conveniently forget what my post actually said.

The points I attempt to make in my post is that there is no moral difference between a terrorist and a school shooter.

I have only referred to one particular parent in my blog, the author of a grubby nasty little book, that implies that a life threatening disease such as Cancer is a preferable state to Autism in a Child. I sincerely hope that people like that do not have access to a firearm.

Terrorism is borne of desperation, when orthodox politics fail. Not surprising they fail when what so many of the terrorists want is a state that no reasonable person would want to live in, where they have carte blanche to exterminate anyone who does not share there religion politics or race.

The school shooter, the mall shooter, they are people who have also lost all faith in society because they feel rejected by it.

I see that the state of mind where one person feels that they are owed a better life because they or there children ought not to have autism (or whatever) is one that can only lead to frustration and depression.

Of course not everybody takes it out on there neighbours or the public at large but certainly the degree of hatred expressed by some anti neuro diversity bloggers is bordering on the same insanity, you only have to look at a certain notorious individual who I have no wish to encourage, to see that.

The trouble with you Harold, is that the law has perverted you because you try and use arguments that call upon emotion rather than logic.

You know how to exploit the essential flaws in the adversarial justice system. You don't have to be logical,you try and get away with as much as you can, rhetorical techniques, non sequiturs, cheap psychological tricks ... (who do you think you are Derren Brown?)

Thank goodness that there are still Judges who see through all that play acting when it comes to dismissing the nonsensical arguments put forward by a small but vocal minority of *some* autism parents.

Clay said...

Well said, Larry! The disaffected, the disenfranchised, and even the disappointed can become terrorists, or at least internet bullies and trolls, like HD or his buddy JBJr.

David N. Andrews MEd (Distinction) said...

Its the old ...
"All cats are mortal,
Socrates is mortal,
therefore Socrates is a cat"...
argument you are trying isn't it.

You mean he's talking bollocks again?

Will he ever friggin' stop?

Elaine said...

As you are very well aware, the prevalence of children being diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder is increasing at an alarming rate. We would appreciate your assistance in helping us try to identify if the use of epidural analgesia/anesthesia and Pitocin during childbirth have any association with the development of autism.

If you are willing to participate in a survey questionnaire, please email Elaine DeLack, RN at and the questionnaire will be emailed to you for your completion.

Thank you in advance for your participation in this research.

laurentius rex said...

Elaine, I am not sure of the relevance of your post to this particular thread.

Yes the increase in diagnostic prevalence is undeniable, however I would also like to point out a certain principle of conservation in nature.

That is to say, that there are indeed new toxins, new "insults" in our generation, but there never was a time free from environmental influence of one sort or another.

For every new "iatrogenic" impairment, there were a host of impairments resulting from malnutrition, adulteration of foodstuffs and general environmental pollution.

Who knows the amount of damage that lead caused in the past, it is a wonder there were universities at all :)

What is new and increasing is not the incidence of autism or autism like phenomena, but the increase of the significance of them within increasingly specialised society.

500 years ago there was no need of the current divisions that are seen within the diagnostic and statistical manual. Indeed that tract occupies a similar position in todays society to Kramer and Sprenglers 15th century manual.

It will take another 500 years to sort out which of those two seminal works stands for its own time or for all time.

I hold out no hopes for either :)

Clay said...

Larry, I guess you don't read many other blogs. This Elaine has spammed at least half a dozen with the exact same message. You've been had, mate!