Sunday, October 25, 2009

Five and Four make nine

Just as the 29th of October will be the tenth anniversary of my diagnosis, tomorrow (the 26th as I write this) will be my 54th Birthday, and I recall some problems during my 53rd, not the least I demonstrated how innumerate I am by adding 5 and 3 together to make 7 :(

Oh well this last couple of days has not been too brilliant either. Yesterday I managed to scrape the paintwork on a parked car as I tried to manoever my tank of a 4wD into a tight parking spot in a supermarket, I thought I was too close to the car on the other side and when leaving more room for that one, managed to catch the side of the other one with my politically incorrect bull bars.

Oh well I don't know what that is going to cost to put right, but I expect a phone call at any time to tell me how much I owe for a paint job. Just when I am desperately short of cash as it is.

At least I gave the car owner my proper address and phone number, but not everyone does this, as later in the evening, (I presume it was overnight) I seem to have fallen victim to another motorist who can't judge distances, as I got up this morning to discover my door mirror had been smashed against the side of my door. I am not even sure I can get a proper replacement for that, I shall have to fix an odd one, like I did on the other side, (that's two of them gone now) but I suppose if I do, they will at least match again. Though it is exceedingly annoying to have to drive out to the only sort of place that keeps suitable mirrors in, and then fix it on.

Apart from that my video experiment is very close to launch. For all of those who filled in the first questionnaire what must be more than a year ago, and have watched for any signs of life, it will soon be so, after my supervisor gives it the final approval.


Socrates said...

Range Rover seems a little tame for you, to me.

#Try one of these.

The author said...

That's not a 4x4, This is a 4X4!

Ok 6X4 if you want to be pedantic :)

Clay said...

I thought you'd had to scrap you Landie a year or so ago. Didn't know you had gotten a new vehicle. Anyway, it's not too late to say, "Happy Birthday!" And "Happy Anniversary! too. Lift a pint for me.(I finally killed a liter and a half of wine that's been in my fridge for about 8 months.)

The author said...

Yeah I had to part with my old series because there was too much welding to be done, but I am an eccentric and I just cannot drive a small compact car. This current vehicle will soon be capable of being a stealth camper with all mod cons in the back, the cleverness with this one is that I will not compromise the seating arrangements by doing so :)

shiva said...

Hope you enjoyed your birthday. (Oddly enough, my birthday is exactly 6 calendar months away from yours.)

Odd fact: "Land rovers" (meaning itinerant beggars and tricksters) were feared enough as a revolutionary/destabilising element in 16th-17th century society to be counted as one of the 7 "heads" of the "Hydra" preached against by Francis Bacon in his infamous proto-imperialist pamphlet "An Advertisement Touching a Holy War".

Club 166 said...

Nice vehicle, Larry.

Happy Birthday!


Clay said...

Try this on for size:

(I hope that works).

Casdok said...

Belated happy birthday.
Hope the repairs arnt to expensive.