Monday, November 02, 2009

Ready to go:

This is a repeat of my post to my other blog and also a reminder for those who signed up for my research a while back and have forgotten about it. You will be emailed soon, or if you have changed your email since then and don't recieve a copy by tommorrow morning, let me know and I will resubscribe you to the research mailing list.

By the end of the 2nd of November (GMT) the online video experiment will be live. Those who are signed up to the mailing list will recieve a message concerning the URL and mirror URL.

I will also be launching an appeal for new participants as well, who will need to fill in the initial questionaire which details I will also publish again tommorrow.

Following this there will be an appeal for NT online participants (as a control group)

There will also be a version of the AQ/EQ test online which participants will be encouraged (though not compelled) to complete. Completion of the test will not be taken to be an endorsement of approval of the ethics or methodology of the test.

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