Thursday, May 06, 2010

Damned if you do, and damned if you don't

It will not fail to have reached many fellow bloggers notice, that yet another internecine war has broken out between hub and ex hub posters, never mind the long rumbling war between hubsters and the age of autism, and their associates.

Perhaps it has come time to call a halt on the hub and for each of us to go our separate ways, as the criticisms I made of the hub, when I was the subject of an internecine war still stand.  Indeed the existence of the hub does not seem so much to serve its stated purpose, as to provide a magnet for malcontents to characterise all whose blogs are associated there as one mind in group speak, when it is quite clear that the opposite is the case and that a variety of shades of opinion and involvement in any movement are covered there.

It has to my mind only encouraged the building of a straw man out of a rallying call of "neurodiversity" which like the term autism itself means different things to different people.

I for one am ashamed to associate with a notion of neurodiversity which is not inclusive and does not include all of the work that is being done outside of the limited coverage of the internet. The origins of the word, and it's various applications are badly misunderstood and sometimes deliberately so.

Fortunately those who use the word pejoratively are in the minority in that wider world beyond the narrow focus that leads one to think that ones blogging "cronies" are the whole world. It is an unfortunate illusion that any clique allows to foster.

I can well see why so many people opt for anonymity, and indeed I can see why so few (if any) respected academics in the field are seen to put their wellies on and enter into this mire.

I generally wish I had left it alone too, now.

Given a series of recent events that occurred before this latest war broke out, I think I shall have to add a standard disclaimer to all of my  posts from now on, showing that a comment on any particular blog is neither to be taken as condoning nor condemning what ever else is on the blog, and whatever else anyone has posted except where it is in direct reply to any specific point.

The insults have to stop, they do not contribute either to good order or good debate.

From now on bloggers who merely wish to fight proxy wars on my blog, using inflamatory language, will not be allowed. That's not censorship, that is common sense. Besides I have legal and professional obligations not to publish such comments.

But of course whatever I do, someone will damn me for it.


Socrates said...

A thermonuclear war in a thimble need not concern a man of your stature.

Lyn said...

So true. Insults don't do much good. This whole thing is very confusing.

The author said...

Harry that is dangerously close to controversial, In reality I am less than six feet, its the hat that gives me stature :)

Socrates said...

Big Hat!

The author said...

I'm trying to be serious here, and well I dunno, when it comes to hats this guy is trumps: -

and he has the tache too :)