Saturday, May 01, 2010

Not what you expect, but then it never is.

I think I may have almost missed the boat for this "blogging against disablism day"

For a start off it is ableism, cognate with racism, not disablism, whoever contorted the language to come up with that one?!

But having got that particular semantic horrorshow out of my system I will procede with a poem, not even a new one, it has a date which is it's title  - “Be not afraid” - 9th Oct. 1980

Yep you see impairment is not just for Beltane, it is for life :)

It's a poem about a different way of seeing, the way of the migraineur:

After an image, imagination, rash-null explanation.
Apparition, Shun the lot!
A walking-waking dream or not?
I saw out a window, twenty mile and more
Reduced to thirty yards or so!
Seen, scene from my fabled Film.
And wake to crooked consciousness,
An overbearing bent bathroom.
And where wallpaper was,
A super-fluidity of flowery-field
The green-grass glare, an insane painting pattern
Like an early episode among -
Galactic collection coloured red...
If satan had a hand in I'd be shocked
As if in recollection not so strange as it all seemed,
It was another vision,
Serenity returned a day.