Saturday, November 06, 2010

An irritating and expensive day.

Ever have one of those days?

Got up ridiculously early to drive 80 miles to a meeting that isn't until next week !

Never mind that the clutch is playing up so I am not sure I will be able to risk driving that far again next week for the proper date without getting it seen to first, which could be horrendously expensive, considering this month I have to pay my car tax too, and I was overdrawn again last month.

Not only that to contend with, I lost my keys when I got home  and found myself driving 20 miles back to a layby where I last remember having them. It worked though, I hadn't left my keys at the layby, thank goodness, because if they had fallen out of a pocket there, someone else would probably have them by now as there were a lot of cars in the layby when I stopped, but at least being in a different place and somewhat calmer prompted me to check something in the car I had not done before. I moved the back seat, to discover they had fallen behind.

Is it because I is autistic? No it's just rotten luck and concentrating too much on some details to the point of missing important ones out. If I had not been so fixated about making sure I had everything ready for the meeting to make an early start in order to beat the traffic, I would have maybe had time to check the date just to be sure. If I had not been in such a tiz when my keys did not materialise from my pocket at home, and had been a bit more methodical rather than turning out my pockets and bags twice over, looking on the grass outside etc etc, I would have remembered something simple like moving the seats in the car.

As for the clutch, well I guess that was inevitable, it's only the long journey's that show up things like that.

Oh well at least it was pleasant weather and I took the scenic route home.


Justthisguy said...

What's wrong with the clutch, exactly? Is it slipping? If that's the case, you can drive in lower gears (while burning more fuel, of course). Does the Landy have a mechanical linkage between your foot and the clutch? Is the problem there? Is the thing just worn out? Is there a seal leaking which allows oil onto the clutch plates?

Oh, yeah, you have my sympathies. Sorry, I tend to put my engineer-like thoughts first, which figures.

Bullet said...

It could have been worse. You could have been stranded on the Coventry Ring Road.

Norton Gunthorpe said...

Of course, back in the 50's when I was in the Engineers, we always used to extend the life of our Land Rover clutch plates by applying a paste made from ground natives.

Keys were always kept attached to the holders by a retractable steel wire, which naturally doubled as garrotte.

There is however, no practical solution for turning-up a week early. It is best accounted for by Keenness.