Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Left to our fate. Covid depression is getting to me.

I am getting increasingly pessimistic as the “curve” in the UK tends towards flattening. There is no way out of this situation soon, and it seems to me that a lot of the worst that is happening in the world was not preventable at all, it was fated to happen.

I am looking at the surge in populist leaders like Trump, Bolsonaro, Erdogan and sadly our vary own Bojo the clown, and the way they are psychologically incapable of handling the situation, and instead are propelling us towards the inevitable, the triumph of the grim reaper.  Texts for our times are Camus “La Peste”, Bergman’s “Seventh Seal” and Defoes’s Journal of the plague year.

No Jolly Boccacio’s Decameron to keep me happy, it is isolation amongst the worst traits of my neighbours as we are all driven barmy.

It is an experiment I suppose, some States will come out better than others, and others are doomed by there innate instability and short term gratification urges of the population who elected the fools who navigate the ship.

I might add a text to this I wrote a long time ago about interconnectedness, but right we are all united on the path to oblivion, as no-one can lead us to the sunlit uplands, least of all ourselves and our venial and carnal urges.

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