Saturday, February 03, 2007

And now for something completely different

My first venture into Youtube

I don't expect people to make sense of it, because it is me, and the sense is that which I experience, and if you experience the video, then you get just a little bit closer to me and my world.

So stuff your science and your ranting
Stuff your pious sycophanting

I don't care what you will say
I will go on in my way

And if that ain't what you like
I would tell you "on your bike"

This is what I've done for free
And it is not easy, see!!

This is actually part of a grand project that has been going on since 2001 when I started filming and editing it. A draft version was completed for my HND course for which I got distinction.

Another segment of the larger work, I showed at the NAS international conference in 2005 and amongst the audience was Temple Grandin, I expect she was as puzzled as you are :)

And for those who can't see this in blogger here is the youtube link


Scruffythecat said...

I seem to have trouble with getting these things to load on blogs .
How can we look this up on you tube? What name are you using to post?

Ms. Clark said...

Yup, puzzled. :-) apparently there are other YouTube like websites that allow larger file sizes and better clarity for videos. YouTube is always a bit disappointing for the graininess. What's with the nudity? Trying to compete with Hollywood? :-)

tinted said...

Ha! I enjoyed that. You should have your own TV show. Is this what your DVD is like? Because if it is, then I'd buy it.

laurentius rex said...

Whoops too many mistakes in my last post, I need to go back and correct them.

The DVD that I have for sale "Whichever Way" is quite different, as it takes the form of an academic lecture, though the end piece of it "The road less travelled" shares footage with Terra Incognita.

"Outside In" also shares some of the bus ride footage from 2001 and the electricity pylon

The scenes I showed at the NAS were censored, you did not see me in the bath, anyway at least it proves I do wash :)

The piece I have shown here is a sort of mise en abime, where I am transparent about the artificiality of the film making process, documenting my own making of it, although the larger piece which is still unfinished, does deal with autism at various points, because there is documentary footage of an NAS meeting and I reflect about it afterwards, the idea is to get away from any kind of conventional representation of autism at all.

For one thing the multilayered symbolism and metaphor, my own Da Vinci code as it were, is not what you would expect unless you regularly read my posts on usenet that is.

I intend to put a few out takes on you tube, including the bit where I hang myself, and myself trying to play the flute along with a band in the background during a summer festival.

mcewen said...

Blimey! the opening had me worried for a moment there!
Jolly good show, you're a techy whizz. You may need to translate 'on your bike' for our foreign pals.

Anne said...

2001, a Bus Oddysey. :-)

laurentius rex said...

Yep 2001 is when I filmed that particular section. You can tell by the different hats which year is which, but the whole endeavour is non sequential in that the earliest footage is from 2000 and the final pieces have not been filmed yet. It is a post modernist excercise in discontinuity, but then would you expect any less than that from me?

Next episode coming soon, it has SBC in it.

Anonymous said...

Nirvana?it was penetrating to the depths of you mind, maybe even a little nearer to the goal of nirvana itself or the mystery of the void