Monday, February 19, 2007

One morning in the life of an advocate

I got up today hoping this would be like any other morning and I could settle down to some more reading (I have at last got hold of Grinkers book) and writing of a University Essay

As is usual I check my email and the autism alerts and it seems this one is breaking out all over the place at the moment.

Well I can't let it go, so this is what I do.

I phone one of the professors who commented in the report and leave my comments with his secretary. I email the NAS press office and phone them as soon as someone is in, and learn that they have already put out a response (bad news as I had not got any comment in first) however it was not picked up by the press since the main story broke over the weekend and they got all the quotes they wanted.

I phone the BBC and cannot access there newsdesk (they like to keep the public at arms length these days)

And finally before so much as shaving or cleaning my teeth and still in my dressing gown I formulate and send email response to the journal Nature Genetics citing Gernsbacher's recent piece in the APA observer (face of the moment it seems), which I copy to all and sundry including the BBC and the NAS, making sure in the meantime the rest of the NAS Council knows what I am up to via there mailing list.

Is it worth it ?

Oh well if we are to be eliminated by targeted gene therapy I might as well forestall them like the chap in this fictional video, it would keep John Best happy at least.

Now I have some "real" work to do


laurentius rex said...

Well never mind the news, I open my mail and there is a bill for 750 GBP from the University for fees.

I had thought that was covered by the students loan company but maybe not any longer because I have changed my course. I am hoping it is just an administrative error and that the Students Loan company will pay up. But if not, I simply don't have the money, that's it I am finished no next year because I will still be paying off my debt for this one :(

Shouldn't have put the gloomy video up because it is getting a bit too close to present reality.

laurentius rex said...

looking worse, it seems its not an administrative error and the SLC have withdrawn the payment, apparantly it has happened before they can do that :(

Natalia said...

i know what you are feeling like with the unexpected expenses. we have had a bunch of those lately in my family. would this be a good time to advertise your videos again? (*_^)

hey a long while ago i tried to buy the one that is available in US format (?) and couldn't find how to buy it directly from you without profits going elsewhere. please post the preferred link.