Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Help, Blogger problems

My big problem started when I was forced to migrate to the new e blogger and create a google account, something I did not want to do because of what I have read of others having difficulties.

To begin with it posted an error message saying it could not migrate me over to new blogger, so I guess I am in limbo at the moment, signing in with my unwanted google account presumably to continue on the old blogger.

However that is not the worst of it, I am filling this in, with IE6 right now, because ever since I created a google account, firefox loops the sign in page.

Been having problems with firefox and blogs that require that silly word verification as it either does not show up or if it does I can't write my comment anyway.

Having similar problems with Opera.

So is this a google microsoft conspiracy to force us back onto IE because the java (or is it java script) won't work with e blogger, and why do they not warn us about it.

Mores to the point, this is a chronic problem not just with e blogger in firefox as a lot of other sites fail too, so this time it is Mozillas fault, isn't it about time we had an update that works properly?

I recently upgraded to IE7, big mistake, had to uninstall it, it is the worst browser interface I have ever seen, never mind that it slowed my laptop back down to a 486 crawl in loading screens.

Advice gratefully recieved.


Anonymous said...

Buy a mac, hehe. Sorry, can't help.


Ms. Clark said...

As far as the "looping the sign in page" I have that problem, too. It helps if you go sign in to the gmail account, then go to blogger and you should be signed in, ready to go if you click on the B logo at the top of the page.

I have a mac.

Jannalou said...

I use Firefox and the new Blogger and I'm not having issues. Are you using the newest version of Ff? I have it at home but the last one at work, and both are okay.

I agree about IE7. Totally unintuitive.

mcewen said...

Firefox is the same for me, but I'm told it's the best/safest.
Also if you go to 'blogger help' on the right hand side of the dashboard you can sometimes find an answer. There's a forum [have to joint first] when you can explain your woes too and the other bloggers seem to know about that techy stuff.

laurentius rex said...

Well Firefox finally delivered up an error message from google
Additional information
uri: /loginz
host: www2.blogger.com

I think though from reading the group google don't care.

It is working in opera at the moment cos IE6 is giving me jyp too especially since I installed google desktop.

I don't know who is the biggest enemy these days, google seems to be worse than microsoft, I guess eventually google is going to eat microsoft in the quest for world domination.